Living Experience


Tri Delta facilities provide a home away from home to many. Our members embrace the ideal of friendship and value self-respect as they are free to be themselves, form strong friendships and have their current friendships grow stronger while spending time with each other in one of our chapter locations. 


Tri Delta fosters academic excellence. By providing our members with quiet study spaces, academic resources, modern amenities and Wi-Fi throughout the facility, our members are able to focus on their academics and learn in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Outside the classroom, Tri Delta members are boldly leading the way and are actively involved on their campuses and in their communities. Tri Delta spaces support their leadership and allow members to grow into the best version of themselves.

Theta Mu is located on 26th Street in the heart of Greek Row. The house is less than three blocks from campus and only two blocks from Monroe Street, making it prime location. Tri Delta is fortunate to have the most parking spots on Greek Row which allows many live-in members to have cars. 

Our house is comfortably a home to 46 girls. Each girl is given a desk, spacious vanity, and closet space. There are 11 rooms in the house, most of which hold 3-4 with a couple of larger rooms holding 5-6. Each room is decorated with a different theme and has either a daybed or couch for lounging. Everyone sleeps on our large sleeping porch which is 24 hour quiet and dark, allowing girls to nap and sleep on anytime of the day. The house has various common areas including the TV room, living room, and dining room. One thing unique to Tri Delta is our large deck behind the house. The deck is a favorite spot for Deltas during the warmer months to layout and enjoy the sun.