Letter From the President

It is with immense joy and excitement that I extend a warm welcome to you all as the President

of the Theta Mu chapter of Tri Delta! Whether you are a current member, an alumna, or someone
considering joining our sisterhood, this letter is a testament to the incredible spirit and bond that
defines our organization.

Tri Delta is more than just a sorority; it is a lifelong journey filled with sisterhood, personal
growth, and unwavering support. Our sorority is built upon three pillars: truth, self-sacrifice, and
friendship. These principles guide us in all that we do, creating a foundation that fosters not only
academic success but also personal development and leadership. At Tri Delta, we believe in
empowering each other to become the best versions of ourselves, both inside and outside the

One of the most remarkable aspects of our sisterhood is the diversity of our members. We come
from various backgrounds, cultures, and interests, but we are united by a shared commitment to
uplifting one another. Tri Delta provides a unique space where individuality is celebrated, and
differences are embraced, encouraging us to all live brave, boldly and kindly.

As President, I am honored to lead a group of women who embody the values and traditions that
make Tri Delta special. Our sisterhood is a source of inspiration, and I am continually inspired
by the achievements and contributions of each and every member.

For those considering joining Tri Delta, I encourage you to explore the enriching experiences and
lifelong connections that await you. Our sisterhood is a network of support that extends far
beyond the college years, providing a foundation for success and friendship throughout your life.
To our current members, thank you for being the heartbeat of Tri Delta. Your dedication, passion,
and sisterhood make our organization truly exceptional.

Delta Love,
Ally Hofmaister
Theta Mu Collegiate Chapter President 2023-2024