Chapter Sisterhood

We as Tri Delta's look at sisterhood as a perpetual bond of friendship. We are a group of young women that support and motivate each other. Our differences and unique qualities truly make our sisterhood complete.

From the second a women becomes a New Member on Bid Day, she is welcomed by a "Pearl Pal". This Pearl Pal is a member that aids the New Member in her transition into Tri Delta and college life. A couple weeks later, New Members receive a Big Sister who is her mentor through her entire collegiate career. 

Throughout the academic year our Member Development  Chair, plans sisterhood events. We have 4-5 events per term including movies on the deck, game nights, Beaver sporting events, Yoga, Hikes, and much more. These events are opportunities to strengthen our sisterhood and take a break from our busy school lives to hangout with our sisters.

Tri Delta sisterhood is a cherished bond that goes beyond friendship—it's a connection forged in shared values, mutual support, and a commitment to personal growth. United by bravery, boldness, and kindness, Tri Delta sisters create a welcoming space where authenticity is celebrated, and individuality is embraced. Through shared experiences, from uplifting moments to challenges overcome, our sisterhood strengthens, providing a lifelong network of support, understanding, and enduring friendship. Together, we live, learn, and lead with purpose, creating a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.